4 kwietnia 2020

Roadside Tavern

The roadside tavern is where adventures begin and end. Players can rest there, eat something and listen to information from local people. They can also hear the bard’s song, read the ad hanging on the wall or get into a fight. The tavern is a place where a lot can happen. All the content is […]

27 marca 2020

The Kraken Attacks a Ship

According to some legends and myths the Kraken is a legendary cephalopod-like sea monster of gigantic size in Scandinavian folklore. Such a giant sea monster can sometimes come in handy at the end of a campaign.So we decided to help both players and the DM – this is our version of the Kraken that attacks […]

19 marca 2020

Lighthouse Ruins

There’s some amazing magic in lighthouses. Maybe it’s a matter of location or climate. Recently we discussed which location is the most iconic for an adventure in horror climates and the lighthouse came first (the second was the cabin in the woods 🙂 That’s why in the night version we added shocking mysterious fireworks in […]

14 marca 2020

Submerge Temple

We wanted to create a map with light as an important part. And so the idea of a „Submerge Temple” was born. The DM will receive a map with which he can gradually introduce a climate of horror.  We leave you when the light of the sun appears and when you flood the players with […]

7 marca 2020

Dragon’s Hoard

For a long time we wanted to create a map related to the classic adventure – the team discovers a cave and there is a dragon hideout, which by the way has hidden a huge treasure in it. What an opportunity to create a scenario based on confrontation of troublemakers with a powerful and very […]

21 lutego 2020


Hello! Do you remember our map of „City Gates„? We have great information for you – now you can download the second part called „Castle”, combine both maps and play the campaign over 3500x7000px! „Castle” is a large map (30×30), (3500×3500 px). In the catalogue you will find the map versions: day, night, rain, PND, […]

12 lutego 2020

Monster Nesting Grounds

The next map you asked for in the survey. A mythical animal living on top of a holy mountain. The locals say it brings luck, but it also happened many times that gryphon attacked a flock that grazed on the slopes. The locals also say that there are wonderful treasures and magical objects in the […]

8 lutego 2020

City Gates

Welcome to the city of traveler! This is the next map that came out of your vote here. It will be a series of several maps that you will be able to combine and use during your adventure. „City Gates” is a large map (30×30), (3500×3500 px). In the catalogue you will find the map […]

6 lutego 2020

Jungle Camp

Welcome to the jungle! You’re surrounded by huge and wild vegetation everywhere. Your tents leak after one night and all your clothes and food are wet. At night you hear strange noises and in the morning you find traces of many animals near the camp.  What happened to the previous team that built the camp […]

25 stycznia 2020

Dwarven Forge

Deserted underground underneath the mountain. An old, destroyed dwarf smithy. Long ago, the most powerful weapons to fight the forces of darkness were created here. Now you must be careful not to get eaten by goblins or fall down into the lava lake… „Dwarven Forge” is a large map  (30×30), (3500×3500 px) with two options: […]