25 stycznia 2020

Dwarven Forge

Deserted underground underneath the mountain. An old, destroyed dwarf smithy. Long ago, the most powerful weapons to fight the forces of darkness were created here. Now you must be careful not to get eaten by goblins or fall down into the lava lake… „Dwarven Forge” is a large map  (30×30), (3500×3500 px) with two options: […]

18 stycznia 2020

Chaotic Portal

Sometimes the adventure needs a refreshing breeze and the team has to be moved somewhere very far away. Portals and magic come to help. Today’s map is an ancient, chaotic portal located on top of a mountain. Chaotic because it does not always work the way players would like it to – and the only […]

11 stycznia 2020

Underground Arena

While travelling underground, the team may come across aggressive goblins who kidnap their victims and force them to fight in the arena. Such underground arenas are a place of spectacular death and life fighting – the fighters know that even the winners cannot count on being released… „Underground Arena” is a big map (30×30) and […]

4 stycznia 2020

Pirate Cave

One of the first maps we created was „Pirate’s Cove” ( Silver & Gold Tier | Platinum Tier | Free Version ). We have now come to the conclusion that it is time to draw another part. This is how „Pirate’s Cave” was created.  You can use this map as an illustration for an adventure […]

27 grudnia 2019

Ice Crossing

Winter. A time when cold and snow fill the whole world. At such a time, the adventure of daredevils can be very difficult. Especially when they are to cross a frozen river to reach the ruins of a treasure. Will the ice last? What is hidden in the ruins? What monsters inhabit the area?  „Ice […]

21 grudnia 2019

Cursed Catacombs

Underground catacombs in which unimaginable evil lurks. Daredevils go down there in search of treasures and glory but never come back … For exclusive map variants and even the PSD files, consider joining the amazing community that makes these maps possible:

14 grudnia 2019

Sewers Tiles (Free!)

Sewers. Not a nice place to start the adventure, but a good DM can think of a whole lot of great traps and opponents who will appear and surprise players.  We’ve found that sewers should be prepared as tiles because the team should have the opportunity to explore large underground space. Sewage is also dirty, […]

14 grudnia 2019

Dungeon Tiles (Free!)

Therefore, this month we will want to give you something very cool – the opportunity to create your own scenario based on our tiles.  BTW – we once created tiles with tunnels and you can download them for free here All the content is registered under the Creative Commons License Attribution-Non Commercial CCBY-NC-SA. This means […]

21 listopada 2019

Houses On The Bridge

Sometimes fate will take players into the city. Instead of being crazy about architecture, it is worth getting to know the best places in the city – such as exclusive houses on the bridge, for example. Built for the wealthiest citizens, with their own access to their own marina. Maybe players can help catch a […]

16 listopada 2019

Fort Construction

A lonely fort in the forest built by a small group of settlers. They must be afraid of something because they grubbed up the trees around the palisade and look out for intruders at night. Every guard is a guard challenge – people complain that they hear strange voices and sometimes also see fires burning […]